Banner Transfer

Free Banner Exchange Advertising


Banner Exchange Advertising Rates

Sending To The Exchange

For every unique view that is delivered to the Banner Transfer banner exchange we add 0.5 credits to the account balance of the member who delivered the view to the exchange. Members then earn 0.1 credits per Repeat view. The member is then free to assign their credits to their banners as they see fit.

Receiving From The Exchange

For every view that we (the Banner Transfer banner exchange) delivers to our members banners we deduct 1 credits from the shown banners allocated credit balance. Only banners that have passed the approval process and have credits allocated to them will ever be shown on the banner exchange.

Earning Additional Banner Exchange Credits

Apart from adding our banner exchange code to their websites and blogs, Members have multiple ways to earn banner exchange advertising credits here at Banner Transfer.

Referring new members

Every time a Banner Transfer member refers a new member to the Banner Transfer banner exchange we will award the referring member with a one time bonus of 500 banner advertising credits.

Splash page promotion

Banner Transfer members can advertise specific splash pages to earn banner exchange advertising credits. Credits are earnt at a rate of 0.30 credits per 24 hour unique view. Upgraded member and top exchanger banners are shown on the splash pages at no credit cost to our members.